What do aardvarks eat? (diet) Aardvarks like to eat ants and termites. They use their sharp spoon-shaped claws to break into the termite mound, and then send their long sticky tongue through the hole to get the termites.

Where do aardvarks live? (habitat) Aardvarks live in Africa below the Sahara desert. They are found in open woodlands, scrub, and grasslands. In these areas they dig burrows, long holes underground, where they sleep. These burrows are 10 - 12 feet long and the end is wide enough so they can turn around. Each aardvark can have several burrows. They may have one to stay out of bad weather, another to run in from danger etc.

What do aardvarks look like? (appearance) They are about 6 feet long with 2 feet of that being the tail. They have big ears, a long nose, a long tail, and short legs. They have grayish skin with redish brown hair. Aardvarks can weigh up to 140 pounds.

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