Oh Canada

People: The people native to the country of canada are the Inuits, Kapiaks, and other eskimos. They live in tents and igloos depending on the climate where they live. The Inuits live in igloos. They also have some very interesting clothing like parkas and mukluks.

Languages: There are two official languages in Canada: French and English. Many road signs are written in both languages. Welcome sign to the United States, ice avalanche sign, highway sign

Landforms: There are many landforms in the country of Canada. Those include mountains, prairies, rivers, lakes, tundra, and oceans. Did you know that 3 oceans touch Canada? Those oceans are the Atlantic to the east, the Pacific to the west, and the Arctic to the north.

Provinces and Territories: Provinces: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan
Territories: North West Territories, Nunavut, Yukon

Canadian Map

Animals: Because of the varied landforms in Canada, there is a wide variety of animals as well. There are beavers, which happens to be the national animal, moose, bears, puffins, fish like salmon, whales, seals, snow owls, and loons.

Sports: Due to the cold nature of the country, there are lots of winter type sports like ice hockey, ice fishing, snow skiing, and sledding.

Flag: The canadian flag has a red bar on each end with a large white area in the middle. The middle has a red maple leaf on the white background. Canadian Flag

Mounties: You may have heard about the Canadian Mounties. The Mounties are the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. They are mounted on top of a horse, and wear a red coat and tan hat. 2 mounties on horses, more mounties.

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