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extremophile- An organism adapted to life in extreme conditions. 
- A person who has chosen to abandon all loved ones to live a life alone in a hiding place.     burial sites- a grave or place to bury someone or something.
Constant-not changing or varying.
mine- to dig and search for something. 
nitrate- a type of salt    
uses of caves
                            Uses of Caves        

Caves have been used as shelter for hermits, religious people, bats, and Native Americans. Caves have also been used as temples as well as burial sites, homes and  hiding spaces for bandits. In some countries caves grow mushrooms, or hold cheese and wine because they have a constant temperature and no natural light. In Europe  people are studying the use of caves for air conditioning and water supply purposes. Bat guano has been mined from caves and has been used to support root growth.      

Caves have been and still are being used to get nitrate salt. We use nitrate salt in making gunpowder. It is believed in the period 1811 to 1814 over fifteen thousand tons of  niter earth was taken out of Mammoth Cave alone. Niter is potassium nitrate. Caves have also been used to collect extremophiles that are being explored as a possible cure for diseases.    
 Biologist use caves to learn more about the animals that live in caves. Caves also are shelter (or hiding places) for valuable items. Caves provided protection from air raids during wars. They were also used as underground factories. Caves provide us ways to make life easier and still continue to provide us with valuable resources.  
Cave burial site

Hermit in cave