Architectural Components

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component -a part that makes up a whole
geometric - math that studies the relationship among points, lines, angles, solids
proportions - relative size, number or degree among things: ratio
characteristics -a special feature
linear - characteristics of a line
cornices -a decorative style above windows and or doorways
The architectural components that make up Fallingwater are radical and mechanical in appearance. There are simple geometric proportions and plain wall surfaces.
The characteristics are metal casement windows, flat roof tops, and curtain walls of glass. The other characteristics are large rectangular windows, linear elements, such as the chimneys and absence of cornices. Cantilevers were used to make the balconies of the house look like it is floating in space above the waterfall. These are some of the components and characteristics of the International Style of  Fallingwater. Frank Lloyd Wright designed Fallingwater  to look like it was blending in with the surroundings. Fallingwater also has flat roof tops and it has built-in furniture.
The other architectural components that Fallingwater has is steel grid, concrete, and stacked stones. The house does not have a spectacular door, but instead it has a cave like entrance. Fallingwater also  has a a big boulder on the living room floor and there is a waterfall [known as Bear Run] is beneath the house. 

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