Rocks and Minerals in Everyday Life
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 graphite: one of the softest minerals able to leave a mark
 limestone: chalky sedimentary rock
 gypsum: sedimentary rock formed by evaporation of salt water
 zinc: ore found in deposits of sedimentary and volcanic rocks
 ore: source of most useful metals
 Can you picture a world without rocks? If there were no rocks there would be no food, toothpaste, pencils, silverware, plates, makeup, statues and so much more. If there were no rocks we wouldn't have soil for food. Soil is made mostly of rock pieces and minerals. There would be no tools, no shelter, no jewelry, no food, no roads, not much left. Today we have rocks and we can do and make most anything.

Graphite is used to make pencils. Slate is used to make blackboards and patios. Limestone is used to make chalk. We use graphite and slate to make fireplaces. Coal is used to heat homes. Cobalt is used for making super alloys for jet engines, chemicals, and much more. Fluorite is use in your favorite toothpaste as is limestone and calcium carbonate. Gold is used in dentistry, medicine, jewelry, and art. Gypsum is used in the manufacture of sheetrock. Halite is used in human and animal diet food.  Pyrite is used in the manufacture of sulfur, sulfuric acid, and sulfur dioxide. Sulfur is  necessary to grow our food. Zinc is used in making nails and roofing. Silica sand, talc, feldspar and soda ash are used in glass and ceramics. They can also be found in insulation and paint. We use granite in monuments as well as kitchen countertops and even tombstones. Polishing materials are made from pumice. Volcanic ash and pumice make kitty litter. Most electrical components contain quartz. Magnetite is an ore of iron used in making steel, kitchen appliances, ship building, trains highways even nails! From carpet to the foundation of your house, rocks and minerals are used in everyday life.

We use rocks in medicine too. One kind of rock in medicine is Bismuth. Bismuth is used for an upset stomach. You know the bottle with the famous pink liquid? Sulphur is used in making drugs. Silver is used in making dental and medical equipment. Magnetite is used in medicine, too. Another rock used in medicine is Boron. Some people say this mineral can strengthen bones and make more muscle. We do not know this for sure, but we do know that vitamins and minerals can be used to make you healthier.

Can you imagine your world without rocks and minerals?