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           Daniel Hale Williams was born in 1858 in Hollidaysburg, PA on January eighteenth. He was the fifth child born of seven kids.  His life was not fair when the United States was still segregated. Segregation means to separate people by color, race, or religion. His father was a “free negro” and Daniel’s family moved to Annapolis, Maryland  in the 1860s. Daniel William's father died when Daniel was eleven. In 1883, Daniel graduated from a medical college in Chicago. In April, 1898 he married Alice Johnson.           On January 23rd,1893, Williams established a Daniel Hale Williamsnon-segregated hospital called The Provident Hospital. This hospital was also a training hospital for doctors and nurses of all races. On July 9, 1893 a young black man was transferred to the Provident Hospital after being injured in a fight in a bar by a person with a knife. The injured man, James Cornish, lost a lot of blood. Williams must perform surgery and repair his heart. Performing a surgery like this will be hard and tricky. Dr. Williams' surgery was a success.  He has preformed the first successful heart surgery, and James Cornish lived twenty years after the surgery.    In February 1894 Daniel Williams became the Chief Surgeon at the Freedmen’s Hospital in Washington, D.C. He also reorganized the hospital by making more surgical departments. Because of this, there was an increase of efficiency and a decrease of patient deaths.  Sometime in 1912, Williams became a teacher at St. Luke’s. When he retired he received many honors and awards. Daniel Williams died on August 4, 1931 of a stroke in Michigan. His wife died before Williams died. Williams was a great man and surgeon no matter what skin color he had.